Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post #3--After my first week of classes

Wow it is already my second week in BYU. I have to admit that college life is really exciting and fun. Meeting different people in different classes. I am surprised by how attentive and diligent everyone is. It helped to create a really good learning environment.

My biggest challenge so far is to remember where my classes are, and how to get there. I always carry a little note with me so that I will know where the next stop is. Hopefully it will get better as time goes on.

In order to be successful, I need to plan ahead. I am grateful for the classes that have their syllabus and calendar on blackboard (still waiting for some classes), so that I can put the important dates down in my calendar. On the other hand, I also need to make new friends to make my college life wonderful.

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