Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post #3: After My First Week of Classes

My first week at BYU has been a great experience! I love the teachers, all my classes, and the level of learning we are required to achieve.

The most surprising thing has been how fast I am getting to know the campus. The first couple days of classes were so intimidating, and I always had to stop and ask for directions. I wondered if I would ever learn where all my classes were....but here I am in my second week of classes, not having to get my schedule out between every class!

My biggest challenge so far has been being able to find the right classes to add or drop. There was a class that I wanted to drop and, because there are so many teachers and classes, it took a while for me to organize my schedule and get to be familiar with each of my courses' outlines and syllabuses.

In order to be successful, I am going to read all of the assigned reading. I need to read each chapter before the class that will cover that chapter. I plan on getting involved so that I don't get homesick also. This will help me stay focused of school. I'm going to be responsible and study when I need to be studying.

I am REALLY excited for this semester and future semesters here at BYU!

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