Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post #3 After First Week of Classes

Well, most people who are expecting a rigorous college experience would probably be jumping ahead like I did. It was surprising for me that everything is starting out slowly- probably because I'm in mostly introductory level classes, and even though BYU is considered hard, anyone with time and work ethic can get ahead apparently. I'm just surprised by how easygoing things have been- but then again, it's a pleasant surprise.
My biggest challenge so far has been finding parking and figuring out sure places to sit my car down. It's annoying when I assume a lot will be open because it was open the previous day, only to find that all the spaces are full in 4 different lots. I guess I have to carefully calculate my time and get there just before a cycle of classes begins- (sinister laugh while putting tips of the fingers together)- yes, carefully planning is key.
In order to be successful I plan on staying at least one class period ahead of the lecture in my reading and homework. I figure that if I can manage to stay ahead while I'm here without a job, keeping up with my reading and homework won't be so difficult once I get into a job and a legitimate schedule. Also, things just feel easier if I stay ahead, and I feel better about myself- like I'm actually a smart kid.

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